The art of writing Your Name on a Grain of Rice began many centuries ago. It is believed those who wear their Name on a grain of Rice will have a good harvest or they will have good luck.

Guests have their name or special message written on a single grain of rice using our special writing tool. That grain of rice then gets placed inside a glass vial of their choice and it is permanently sealed.

Your guests will choose from over 60 assorted glass vials, colored oils, colored sands, beads, pendants, charms, necklaces, bracelets, cell phone straps, etc... to create their own personalized art. After your guests choose their favorite items & accessories our skilled artists will create their gift in a matter of minutes.

A truly memorable gift !

Glass Vial Samples

Colored Oils used to fill Glass Vials

Colored sands sprinkled inside Glass Vials for a snowglobe effect


Bar Mitzvah Entertainment provides the best in entertainment services for the cocktail hour at your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or other Special Event. Our services are available for just 1 hour or for the entire party.

We provide Photo Favors (Photo Novelties), Engraved Dog Tags & Keychains, AirBrush Tattoo Artists, AirBrush Party Favors (AirBrush Shirts, AirBrush Pillows, AirBrush Boxers, AirBrush Hats, etc....), 8 Player Video Game Systems, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Slotless Car Racing Systems (Microreality), Basketball Pop-A-Shot, Air Hockey Tables, Giant Twister, Rice Jewelry, and more fun party options!

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