Remote Control Car Racing

cars are wireless and can go anywhere on the track forward or reverse.
These are not Slot cars that follow a fixed path! Up to 6 Racers compete simultaneously.
Great for both kids & adults! 15" cars are modeled after real nascars. Custom Cars are available Requires 1 outlet and track size is adjustable. Ask about our Digital lap Counter option. Back to Games

Digital lap Counter System (for Remote Control Cars)

professional Software designed for competitive racing! Includes Customized Software, laptop, Plasma TV, and Timing Bridge. Races are customized for a set number of laps or a set period of time. (Ex. Whoever makes 20 laps 1st or the person with the most laps after 2 minutes wins!) Times and Number of laps can be adjusted!
For Example, At the start of each race the programs voice announcer says "Gentlemen start your engines" with roaring engine sound effects while the screen shows a clip from the daytona 500 track, and then a 3, 2, 1, count down and the green flag is waved. Power to the steering consoles is automatically activated and the guests can now control the cars and begin racing. music automatically plays in the background during the race. At the end of each race the program knows when the winner passes the finish line (sensors over track detect this) and a checkered flag is waved on the TV and the programs voice announcer tells everyone, "We have a winner". Power to the cars is automatically shut off so the cars stop. The tV displays the race results for 1st-6th place. After 10 seconds the display changes and the computer randomly plays 1 of 100+ different 1 minute videos as an intermission b/n the races while the attendants reset the cars for the next race. Example videos are clips from Talladega Nights, Days of Thunder, and other race related videos. These videos were custom picked based on high action scenes or comical scenes that will entertain guests b/n each race.

Slot car Racing

Fun competitive mobile slot car racing action using HO scale slot cars. The track is set on a 5’ x 12’ table with 6 cars, 6 controllers, 6 lanes of action, and 48’ feet of track length! Back to Games

PowerBoat pool racing

Guests race remote controlled powerboats around buoys in a fully decorated pool raceway bordered with up to 200' of foam noodles. outside of pool is flagged with checkered flags, signage and pit crew area. Great for Pool side Parties or cocktail hour by the pool!
Requires at least a 10' x 20' pool and access to 110v outlet for Battery chargers.
Includes 4 powerboats, extra batteries, battery chargers and attendants. Prizes Available. Back to Games

Pop-A-Shot Basketball

Players compete against each other 1-on-1, or against the 60 second Digital shot clock. Baskets are worth 2 points each, but during the last 15 seconds baskets are worth 3 points each so losing players have a chance for a comeback! Game keeps track of each players score digital sound effects. Games are 60 secs long so everyone gets a turn. attendant in referee shirt Included.
Dimensions: 3'W x 7'L x 7'H Back to Games

Hoop it up

head to head basketball action with ping pong size basketballs, basketball sound effects, hip hop soundtrack, fans shouting encouragement & crowd cheers. Play either for best score or against an opponent. Each player presses on their Basketball Control panel to shoot their mini-Basketballs into 1 of 3 miniature basketball nets in their court. If you shoot just right you can put your basketball through all 3 nets in one shot for Bonus points! gameplay is Timed so everyone gets a turn. Dimensions: 6'H x 32"W x 3'L, 350 lbs
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Classic 4 Player Arcade game. two-on-Two basketball with digitized images of real NBA players with Monster dunks and announcers, and a LOT of fun!
Dimensions 36"W x 60"L x 76"H (5 amps) 350 lbs Back to games


The object of the game is to get rid of the 3 balls on your side of the basket. The winner is the person that does this the quickest. If you make the shot, it drains to your opponents side and if they make the shot, it drains to your side. Includes: 6 Balls
Dimensions 7'W x 15'L x 7'11"H - 85 Lbs. Back to games

Pop-A-Shot Football Toss
football toss game rental for party
This new Football version of the popular basketball Pop-A-Shot is a 2-Player head-to-Head Football Toss game that keeps time and score as players compete for the best score. Toss the six soft mini-footballs through the Targets to score big. The crowd cheers when you score, so don't let them down. Electronic scoring adds to the excitement and competition. attendant in referee Shirt optional. Dimensions: 3'W x 7'L x 7'H

Head to head football toss

2-Player head to head, Inflatable Football Toss Competition using mini-Footballs.
Who can make more winning passes? Background Artwork has NY Giants on one side vs. Miami Dolphins on the other. 13'W x 12" L x 7'11" H 75 lbs. Back to Games

Madden Football 4 Player Arcade

The most recognized Name in video game football history comes to the arcade. Four player arcade game with all NFL teams, rosters, and stadiums. Back to Games

NFL Blitz

Classic 4 Player Arcade game. two-on-Two football with all the NFL teams without all the rules and regulations. 30-yard passess, flying tackles, colorful language, and late hits are all part of the fun. 36"W x 60"L x 76"H (5 amps) 350 lbs
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Quarterback Toss

Includes colorful canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), soft Footballs, and attendant.
Back to Games

Homerun Derby

The object of this inflatable is to hit the ball into the circular holes in the back of the 'field' to score a home run! Includes plastic balls & 1 plastic bat.
13' L X 10' W x 8' H 75 lbs Back to Games

Speed Pitch Baseball

See how fast the radar says you can throw, Serve, Kick, or Swing.
10' High x 10' Wide x 10' Long. Can be used for any sport to test your speed.
Requires access to 110 electric within 100 feet.
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Baseball toss

Includes colorful canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), Steel Frame, 6 foam baseballs, and attendant. Back to Games


Speedball Hockey

2-player Arcade game from Poland is a cross between Pinball, Air Hockey, and Foosball. It has sound effects, lighting, and electronic scoring. 2 game modes: Normal (1 ball) & fast (5 balls). Beautiful cabinet design attracts young & old.
Requires 3' x 6' space for game play. Back to Games

Hockey Shoot Out

Includes colorful canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), steel frame, hockey stick, street hockey pucks, and attendant. Back to Games

Super Chexx Hockey & Super Kixx Soccer table
super kixx soccer
Two of the most popular Foosball style arcade games of all time! It has remained unchanged since 1982! indestructible dome covers the playfield. The game play is fast, exciting, and realistic as the players on either side control all 5 hockey/ Soccer players and the goalie. The game can be played as a 1-on-1 game or 2-on-2. The games overhead LED scoreboard records GOALS, PERIOD, and RUNNING TIME. The running time is adjustable so the games can be shorter so more kids can play. There is an automatic puck/Ball return system within the dome which makes the game tamper proof, overhead dome lighting, and if a game is tied after the normal game play it will automatically go into sudden death overtime! sound fX including 'Goal scored' Effect and the "Boo" button plus More. Requires 4' x 6' space for game play.
Back to Games

NHL Open Ice

4-Player hockey arcade game that features 26 NHL teams, over 100 players, Chicago Blackhawks longtime announcer Pat Foley, and a gameplay style that can be best described as similar to the over-The-Top play of Midway's own NBA Jam. Back to Games

Hose Hockey
inflatable hose hockey game
Hose Hockey is an Inflatable Hockey Themed table top game. It is designed with a slick playing surface that provides fast action. Up to 6 players at a time can take to the ice to compete. Inflated Dimensions...... 12' L x 6' W x 4' H    Includes electric Blower
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Soccer Game (see also Super Kixx above)

popular "soccer themed" Rod Hockey style game. players on either side control all 5 realistic Soccer players plus the goalie for exciting and realistic game play. The game can be played as a 1-on-1 game or 2-on-2. Plastic plexi panels around the playing surface keep Soccer balls in place. No electricity required. 44"L x 33"W x 38 1/2"H
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Human bowling

Human BowlingClimb into our four-foot steel Human Bowling Ball and find out how it feels to BE a bowling ball. Participants are rolled down a twenty-foot bowling lane by their two teammates. The ball and rider knock down some or all of the six five-foot high bowling pins. The team with the highest score after six frames wins the game. This game is not recommended for small children, they must be able to reach the handlebars inside the human bowling ball from a relaxed seated position. Requires (1) 110 volt 20 amp circuit. (25'L x 15'W x 5'H). Back to Games

Mini bowling

Players will be "bowled over" by this unique bowling game. Players will have two balls to roll down the lane and knock down all the pins for a strike or a spare. No gutter balls!!! Back to Games

Log Rolling

test your agility and your endurance when two participants climb on the foam log making it spin on it's axle. Keep your balance or the hungry florida Gators will get you!
L 19' x W 16' x H 7’ 6” Weight: 295 Lbs.
Back to Games

4-Player Ping Pong

A new twist on a classic. player zones are color Coded. plastic bumpers replace nets. Players can hit the ball off these bumpers for more extreme gameplay. game is played with normal rules, or like box ball: Player in the yellow box is the #1 player and they serve until they lose a point. Once they lose a point they are out and the person in position #2 moves to position #1 in the yellow section and all other players rotate up one position. Each time a player loses a point a brand new player joins the game at Position #4. players rotate like this always trying to get to the #1 position. game can also be played as 2 vs. 2, or 3 vs. 1. Back to Games

Ping Pong table
Includes Tournament Style table, 4 Paddles, Ping Pong Balls. Back to Games

Golf challenge

Includes colorful velcro receptive canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), chipping mat, chipping wedge golf club, 12 special weighted, velcro practice golf balls, and attendant. Back to Games

Golden Tee Arcade game

The most popular golf Arcade series Ever! a variety of 18-hole courses with different themes and levels of difficulty, and If a player replays the same course, they'll notice The tee boxes have moved, or the winds shifted, or the pin placements on the green are different, or it might no longer be raining, or the water may have risen and the lake may have frozen over - creating a shortcut on a hole that wasn't there before. These changes occur each time a new game is started, creating a unique experience every round. Many celebrity sound and video recordings are built into the game and hidden extras such as big foot sightings, Aliens, ground hogs, etc.... 32"W x 50"L x 75"H (5 amps) 350 lbs Back to games

Pool Table Golf

This new hybrid game combines the fun of playing both golf and pool using a playfield area the size of a regulation size pool table. Using Putters, players try to hit the cue ball so their colored balls go into the holes just like playing pool! Back to Games

Nuclear Winter Volleyball

 Includes Attendant, Volleyball Net, Glow-In-The-Dark Inflatable Beach Ball, UV Black Light, Snow Machine with glow-in-the-Dark.
Back to Gam

Arm Wrestling table

All Steel, Heavy-Duty Tournament Level Arm Wrestling Table. Fully Padded with adjustable Elbow & pin Pads. Side of table is also padded for hips and chest. Let the Kids see what it's like to arm wrestler on a real Arm Wrestling table just like the pros! Remember the Movie "Over the top" with Sylvestor Stallone? Everyone will want to try it!   Back to Games




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